Haiku: Winter’s Spite

Thanks to RonovanWrites for hosting the weekly haiku challenge.  This week’s words are “rare” and “harsh,” and my inspiration for this haiku comes from multiple sources.  It’s President’s Day here in the U.S., and the image of George Washington addressing his troops at Valley Forge is appropriate, considering I grew up minutes from Valley Forge.  My family still lives there and is experiencing below freezing temperatures and snow.  All the while, I’m enjoying a 70-degree sunny day in Southern California.


Winter’s Spite by K.S. Fause

Winter’s harshness strikes
my core with its spiteful force;
food, shelter are rare.

The image is a painting by American painter William Brooke Thomas Trego (1858–1909) and is entitled The March to Valley Forge (1883).  Trego is best known for his historical military scenes of the American Revolution and the Civil War.

Read more about George Washington’s winter at Valley Forge at USHistory.org.

The photo can be found in the Public Domain.

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