Haiku: Relentless

Thanks to RonovanWrites for hosting the Haiku Challenge/Prompt every week.  This week’s words are “field” and “beacon.”  I was thrown for a loop with the word “beacon” and had an image of a lighthouse in my mind that I couldn’t shake.  So, I found inspiration in my historical studies.  I’m currently doing research on colonial New England and have been reading about the Mayflower and the perilous voyage it made to the New World.  Although there weren’t lighthouses, or light beacons, in 1621 when the colonists arrived at Plymouth, I’m sure they wished they had them.  The first lighthouse in America was built  in 1716 in outer Boston Harbor, Massachusetts.  Almost a century after the first Plymouth settlers!


“Bell Rock Lighthouse” 1819, Joseph Mallord William Turner.

Relentless by K.S. Fause

Steady, relentless;
Like a tireless field of waves
Pounding a beacon.

The painting can be found in the Public Domain.


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