Haiku: Fret

Thanks to RonovanWrites for hosting the haiku challenge/prompt every week.  This week’s challenge was to include the words “fret” and “chill.”  For this haiku, I looked to Madame de Pompadour for inspiration.


Fret by K.S. Fause

A chill runs through me;
I fret at the sight of him.
He asks me to dance.

About Madame de Pompadour


Madame de Pompadour, by artist François Boucher (1703—1770)

Born Jeanne Antoinette Poisson (1721 — 1764), she was smart and beautiful, witty and graceful, and became the king’s mistress.  She married Charles Guillaume Le Normant d’Etioles, but caught the eye of King Louis XV at a ball.  After the king’s mistress died in 1744, Madame d’Etioles obtained a legal separation from Charles, and Louis made her his new mistress.  He granted her the title Marquise de Pompadour.  She may not have been Queen of France, but Jeanne was queen of fashion and a patroness of the arts and literature.  She was also the founder of the royal porcelain factory at Sèvres.


Read more about Marquise de Pompadour at the Louvre Museum.